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Anti-Money Laundering ASAR ™ from GAFM

Anti-Money Laundering ASAR ™ from GAFM

  • 29.05.2022
  • Online

Money laundering has become the crime of choice of just about every area of crime globally. Over $2

trillion is laundered globally every year. The illicit money flows that make this happen occur at every

level and affect financial institutions and corporate business practices. Organized crime is a major part

of money laundering, using and attacking businesses and organizations to conceal criminal proceeds.

This course will address the range of issues and offer new skills and awareness in the detection,

prevention and management of money laundering.

Day 1: Money Laundering. Definitions and Key Concepts

 Predicate crimes. new threats, new challenges

 Case study: The Evolving Role of the MLRO

Day 2: Legal Update

 Global AML and sanctions (2022)


 Decision-making benchmarks. Legislation

Day 3: New trends of money laundering and CTF risk

 Financial systems and international money flows

 ‘Managing ‘High-Risk’ clients

 Trade-based money laundering

 Case Study: Crypto-currency and AML risk. What next?

Day 4: AML Risk Management and Compliance.

 The internal audit function

 Risk assessment

 Anti-bribery policy

 Training

Day 5: Management and Governance

 Who sets the definitions?

 Ensuring compliance with business competence

 Ethical decision-making frameworks


 Plenary Session

The program will equip you with confidence and skills to supprt your orgainzation

 Provide new investigation skills

Provide you with new risk appraisal skills

 Developing excellence in strategic AML risk management