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Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Data is a group of facts that can take many differend forms,such as numbers,pictures,words,videos,observations ,and more. We use and create data every day, like when we stream a show or song or post on social media.

Data analytics is the collection ,transformation and organization of these facts to draw conclusions make predictions,and drive informed decision -making.


What does a data analyst do?

A data analyst prepares,processes,and analyzes data to help inform business decisions.Data analyst create visualizations to share their findings with stakeholders and provide recommendations driven by data.


What are some important data analyst skills?

A data analyst learns how to work with data to solve problems.Data analyst skills include the ability to:

  • Collect,clean ,and organize data for analysis;
  • Conduct data analysis and calculations;
  • Visualize and present data findings;
  • Work with spreadsheets,programming languages,and data visualization platforms.