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Women In Leadership

Women In Leadership

In this leadership development program, women leaders and their senior managers will develop critical skills to advance their careers, while working together to address the challenges facing rising women leaders.

Rising women leaders and senior managers will, as separate cohorts, develop and master key leadership skills they need for success. Together, they will explore how gender differences at work impact leadership strategies, managing teams, difficult conversations, negotiations, and office politics.


Who Should Attend this Women’s Leadership Training?

This unique program is designed for high-performing women leaders and their senior managers (of any gender) to attend together.

This program is designed to help women professionals develop the skills they need to move into leadership roles or advance their career in leadership. It is open to all women interested in management, but may be especially relevant for those with roles such as:

  • Lead;
  • Team lead;
  • Supervisor;
  • Coordinator;
  • Assistant manager;
  • Manager.