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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

AI or artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science which emphasizes the creation and formation of intelligent machines, which are capable of reacting and working like human beings. For instance, applications such as expert systems, speech recognition, machine vision, and digital assistance are some of the examples of AI in the real-world.

AI based courses are the specific programs which help you to acquire the skills of the entire AI ecosystem. These courses are generally designed at advanced and beginner level which can be offered for free or against a particular course fee. Also, if you are keen on taking up an AI course, then you should have some knowledge and experience in at least one of the following programming languages such as Python, C/C++ or MATLAB.


The field of artificial intelligence covers programming, natural language processing, coding, mathematics, computer science, and many other disciplines. An AI tutorial or course covers key concepts, such as:

  • Data science;
  • Machine learning (ML);
  • Deep learning;
  • Real-world applications;
  • Predictive analysis;
  • Cloud computing;
  • Statistical software;
  • Data management;
  • AI programming.