JSA (41-01) – Certified Associate JavaScript Programmer

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JSA (41-01) – Certified Associate JavaScript Programmer

JSA (41-01) – Certified Associate JavaScript Programmer

Becoming JSA certified ensures that the individual is acquainted with the essential means provided by the JavaScript language to enable them to design, develop, deploy, refactor, and maintain JavaScript programs and applications; analyze and model real-life problems in Object-Oriented Programming categories; create and develop their own programming portfolio; and start their own studies at a professional level, and to continue their further professional development.


The certification holder understands the Object-Oriented Programming approach to JavaScript  is proficient in using the mechanism of advanced functions in JavaScript, such as recursionforwarding callsdecoratorsfunctional programminggeneratorsiterators, and asynchronous programming, including callback functions and promises.


The holder of the JSA – Certified Associate JavaScript Programmer certification demonstrates the following skills and expertise:

  • knows the syntax and properties of the core JavaScript language to an advanced level, which, among other things, enables them to freely operate with objects and classes;
  • is skilled in the advanced use of functions, including asynchronous programming and the use of generators and iterators;
  • knows a complete set of data types and a basic set of built-in JavaScript objects, which allows them to freely choose the means to solve algorithmic and programming problems;
  • thinks algorithmically and can analyze and model a problem using an objective conceptual apparatus;
  • designs, develops, and improves JavaScript programs using, among others, classes and objects;
  • understands a programmer's work in the software development process and the role of fundamental development tools;
  • can create and develop their own programming portfolio.