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HTML5 Application Development Fundamentals

HTML5 Application Development Fundamentals

The HTML5 Application Development Fundamentals certification validates one's understanding of core HTML5 client application development skills. It covers three areas: HTML5 Markup Language, CSS3 Styling, and JavaScript programming. It's a globally recognized certification, demonstrating proficiency in building effective, interactive applications on a diverse range of platforms and devices. Industries use this certification as a benchmark for hiring developers. This certification guarantees that the developer has a solid understanding of the basic web development concepts and will be able to build and optimize web applications, making it a significant factor during the recruiting process in IT companies.


Course Prerequisites:

  • Basic knowledge of web page design;
  • Understanding of key web design concepts;
  •  Familiarity with HTML and CSS Syntax;
  •  Awareness of JavaScript programming language;
  • Prior experience with DOM manipulations;
  • Understanding of web communication protocols;
  • Knowledge of HTML5 APIs;
  • Experience in developing web applications.


Target Audience for HTML5 Application Development Fundamentals Certification Training

  • Beginners keen to learn about web application development;
  • Developers aspiring to upgrade from HTML to HTML5;
  • Web designers & programmers interested in learning interactive elements;
  • IT professionals seeking knowledge in fundamental HTML5 application development;
  •  Computer science students aiming to enhance their coding skills;
  •  Individuals planning to take up Microsoft Certification exams in HTML5.